Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Makes Knight Music Academy unique?

A. Knight Music Academy is unique to the area in many ways. As a community music school, we are able to offer a wide range of courses for ages 1 through adult, beginner to advanced. All of our instructors have advanced degrees in their area of expertise and many have additional certifications (Suzuki, Orff), as well as years of experience in both teaching and performing. Our students are regularly presented with enrichment opportunities such as participation in ensembles, performances, workshops, our annual Practice-A-Thon, summer camps and more! Additionally, we offer the convenience of one stop shopping with our in-house music boutique which carries all of the sheet music and accessories that our students will need for their studies.

Q. Is Knight Music Academy a good value compared to other music education options?

A. Knight Music Academy offers many opportunities that you do not get from traditional private, in-home lessons, or lessons taught in music stores. Specifically:

  • All Knight Music Academy instructors hold advanced degrees in their area of expertise and extensive experience in both teaching and performing
  • Students experience performance opportunities throughout the year to sharpen their skills and demonstrate what they have learned
  • Opportunities to participate in workshops taught by well-known guest clinicians
  • Ensemble opportunities
  • An easily accessible facility conveniently located on a major thoroughfare

Q. Why does Knight Music Academy operate on 11-week quarters?

A. The benefit to 11-week quarters, as opposed to the 4-8 week options in the marketplace, is that technical, musical and artistic concepts are better transmitted by the instructor and absorbed by the student over an uninterrupted period. Additionally, it allows time for new students to acclimate to their new surroundings and develop a sense of community within the school. However, we accept new student registration throughout the year. Students who start after a quarter has begun pay a pro-rated tuition fee.

Q. What performance opportunities are available for the students of KMA?

A. Performance is both a motivational tool, as well as a practical application of a student’s studies. The faculty feels so strongly about performance as a key component to music education, that not only do we offer various performance opportunities throughout the school year, participation is required in a minimum of two solo recitals and one small or large ensemble concert as appropriate.

Q. If we will be out of town, or miss a lesson, can our tuition be prorated?

A. Tuition is charged in advance of each quarter. There are no refunds or credits for lessons or classes missed by the student, nor will make-up lessons be given.

Q. Does Knight Music Academy rent and/or sell instruments?

A. The Academy does not rent instruments, however, we do sell classical guitars as well as consignment instruments and accessories. Additionally, there are a number of options in the marketplace for any given instrument. That being said, here are a few general tips to keep in mind: A beginner doesn’t need a top-of-the line instrument, but does need an instrument that has good tone, is the correct size and is well set-up. Because of the multitude of sizes, it is more economical to rent a violin, viola or cello than to purchase one outright as children will outgrow any given size. Most, if not all, of the places suggested below apply some or all of your rental dollars towards the purchase of an instrument. Rental costs also usually include insurance on the instrument. Unlike violins, violas and cellos, it is more economical to purchase a guitar than rent one as there are fewer sizes of guitars. As such, students stay in a size for an average of 2-3 years before reaching full size. Knight Music Academy is proud to sell Ruben Flores classical guitars in a variety of models and sizes. Craigslist can be a wonderful source for securing a piano (sometimes for free if you move the instrument!). As there are a wide variety of pianos available for purchase from private parties, we encourage buyers to have a professional piano tuner inspect any instrument before purchase. Knight Music Academy’s piano tuner, conveniently located in Lake Zurich, is Joel Nelson of Alpine Piano, (847) 540-7648,

Where to buy and/or rent instruments:

Please note that Knight Music Academy’s recommendations are based on either our direct experience with these individual businesses, or the feedback we’ve received from faculty and students alike.

Cordogan’s Pianoland

Geneva, IL 60134
(630) 584-5000

Heavenly Pianos

214 E Golf Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 434-1544

Violin/Viola/Cello Purchase Rental

Classic Violins
119 W. Maple Ave
Mundelein, IL 60060
(847) 970-3797

Guitar Purchase

Knight Music Academy
The more advanced student may wish to purchase a guitar from:
Richard Bruné
800 Greenwood St.
Evanston, IL 60201
Still have questions? Sometimes it’s just easier to communicate with a live person. Give us a call at 847-726-8742.