Concert Etiquette

  • Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of the performance time. Late comers should wait until applause to take a seat, and should do so quickly and quietly.
  • Sit quietly and wait for the concert to begin. You may talk softly while you are waiting.
  • Make certain that all pagers, cellphones, and any other noise-making devices are turned off prior to the start of any concert.
  • Do not talk or make noises during the performance as it can be very distracting to the performers and other members of the audience.
  • Sit quietly during the performance. When a performing organization presents a concert, or recital, they are putting forth their best effort. They should expect the same from those in the audience.
  • Never stand or move around while music is being performed. It distracts listeners around you, as well as the performers. If you must leave for any reason, wait until a piece is finished, and the audience is applauding. Also, return to your seat only between numbers.
  • It is impolite to talk, or even whisper, while the music is being performed. Listeners and performers are also distracted by sounds from programs, candy wrappers, jewelry and other objects. Remain still, and be thoughtful of others by talking or making sounds only between numbers.
  • Flash photography should not be used while performers are performing.
  • Applause is appropriate only when a student or group takes the stage to perform or when a performance is completed.

“A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. We provide the music, and you provide the silence.” – Leopold Stokowski, reprimanding a talkative audience