Alexsandra Hsiao, Piano Instructor

Alexsandra Hsiao, Piano InstructorAlexsandra Hsiao is a pianist and teacher who completed her master’s degree in piano performance under the guidance of Dr. William Goldenberg at the NIU School of Music, where she was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. Previously, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Sao Paulo under Dr. Eduardo Monteiro, who is considered one of the great pianists in Brazilian classical piano history.

Growing up in Brazil, she won several piano solo competitions at a very young age and has been teaching private piano lessons to students of different ages and backgrounds. This has allowed her to learn and build solid piano teaching skills as well as cultivate a positive teaching personality. Two experiences she valued and enjoyed immensely was teaching at a Portuguese-Chinese school where she taught Chinese students ages 5 to 10 years old, and working as a teaching assistant at NIU, where she taught music undergraduate students in group classes.

Alexsandra’s objective for the piano lessons is having the student develop various piano playing skills such as listening, playing, technique, theory, and ensemble playing; as well as preparing them for recitals.

Alexsandra has also conducted church choir for about five years and worked as a piano accompanist in choirs, ensembles, and performances. She was the rehearsal accompanist for the Opera Theatre at the NIU School of Music as well as the harpsichord player for the performances.