COVID-19 Policies

2020-2021 Policies for In-Person Lessons*


Please remain in your car upon arriving to the Academy and text your instructor that you have arrived. If you do not have your instructor’s cell phone number, they will provide it. They will text you back when they are ready for you to enter the building. For young students, one (1) parent may remain in the facility with the child. Absolutely no extra family members may be in the building for any reason, no exceptions. 


You will have to have your temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature 100 degrees or higher will not be allowed to have an in-person lesson. Students will have to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer we will provide. All persons in the facility (students, faculty, parents) must wear a face mask. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! If a student should forget a mask, we will have them available at a cost of $1.00 each. 


Students should bring the bare essentials to their lesson: books, instrument, and accoutrements (as necessary such as stool, foot rest, rock stop, etc.). 


• You’ve had a temperature, cough, shortness of breath, difficulties breathing, flu-like symptoms, loss of taste or smell in the last 14 days 

• You’ve traveled out of the country or to a state that has a spike in COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days 

We are happy to reschedule a remote lesson if we need to send you home. 


• We will exercise social distancing with a 6’ minimum between student and faculty 

• Lessons may take place outside (weather permitting) 

• Most in person lessons will take place in “the big room.” Doors to the small studios will be left open when lessons take place in those rooms. Front and/or back doors to the unit may be left open, as well. 

• We encourage you to use the restroom before coming to the Academy. However, if you need to use our restroom, your instructor will spray down all the hard surfaces with Lysol immediately thereafter. Please do not be offended. 

• As with Zoom lessons, your in-person lesson will end roughly 5 minutes early (please pack up quickly and efficiently) so that we may sanitize the area before the next student arrives. We will regularly sanitize common surfaces (door knobs, light switches, piano keys, etc.). Regular cleaning of facilities will continue, as is our usual protocol. 

*Subject to change