Protect Your Investment – Humidify Your Instrument

If you haven’t begun, now is the time to humidify your classical guitar, violin, viola or cello. Simply put, the colder it is outside, and the warmer it is inside, the dryer the air is. If your instrument gets too dry, the wood can crack. This can lead to costly repairs. An easy and inexpensive way to retain the proper level of moisture for your  instrument is through use of a dampit or other such humidification devices. How do these devices work? Simply run the sponges under hot water, wring so that no water drips, wipe the exterior, and clip to your instrument.  Please note: it is important that unfinished wood should not be exposed to water as it will cause the wood to rot. Therefore, wringing the sponge and wiping the exterior of the dampit are of utmost importance.

Here are the basics to create an ideal environment for your instrument: keep cases closed regardless of whether your instrument is in it or not- you want to create a homeostasis. When not in use, put your instrument back in the case. Use your dampit regularly. Maintain a comfortable room temperature in your home.

Tip: You can tell if your classical guitar is too dry if the frets protrude beyond the neck.

Planet Waves guitar humidifiers and dampits for guitar, violin and cello are available for purchase at Knight Music Academy.

Planet Waves Humidifier